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Five Fun Facts About Go Carts in Treasure Coast, FL

May 15, 2016 | Published by

Whether it’s a personal hobby or you’re looking for an exciting activity to do with your family, consider indoor or outdoor go carting. Just think of the smile-worthy memories you will acquire! Here are five fun facts about go carts in Treasure Coast, FL:

  • All ages can enjoy go carting: Even if you’ve never driven one, everyone knows what a go cart looks like. Smaller than a side-by-side utility vehicle but with the power of a tiny car, go carts are raced both indoors and outdoors as a fun recreational sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Think about the last time you were at the amusement park—there probably weren’t just kids on the go carts. In fact, go carting is a family-friendly activity—one that could have you purchasing your own motorized carts to take to the track on weekends.
  • Driving a go cart is safe and easy: Generally speaking, operating a go cart is simple, since all you need to remember is how to control the brake, the gas and the steering. No clutch or gear shifting necessary! Go carting does not require a driver’s license—in most cases, they are not street legal, anyway—which is why many parents opt to get their children practice behind the wheel at an early age. As for safety, tracks are likely to require helmets, and some carts come equipped with proper seat belts and bumpers.
  • The first go cart was built by Art Ingels: History was made in 1956 when Art Ingels, a race car builder at the time, pieced together the first go cart in his home’s garage in California. He constructed the cart out of scrap metal and a two-stroke engine. Curious folks could not wait to give this new toy, the go cart, a spin around the track.
  • Even professional racers drove carts: Everybody’s got to start somewhere! For some, it’s playing an instrument in the school band that leads to a spot in a well-known orchestra, while others become auto mechanics after years of working on their own vehicles. For kids with a childhood fascination with go carting, their future could be professional race car driving. Take Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, for example. They all started driving go carts on the track as young children, where they learned not only love for the sport, but also how to safely handle a motorized vehicle and master basic steering techniques.
  • Electric carts gave birth to indoor go carting: Early on, go carts were only gas powered, which made indoor go carting quite the thing. Between the massive amounts of exhaust and chemical laden fumes, carting indoors was simply not going to work. It was miserable and unhealthy for drivers and spectators alike to breathe the indoor air. Then along came the electric go cart, and indoor racing became popular once again, not to mention that go carting year-round was now possible.

At Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, we are here to get you and your family into go carts in Treasure Coast, FL that you will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today for available makes and models.

Not Just for Adventures: Five Ways to Utilize ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL

May 15, 2016 | Published by

When you’re looking for a way to get around areas where a standard size vehicle is just too big, consider an ATV for its agile capabilities and powerful pull. Are you not quite sure what an ATV can do for you? Let’s check out five ways you can employ ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL for personal and professional use:

  • Versatile in the elements: Rain, wind, snow or sun—thanks to the strong grip of its wide tire treads, your ATV can prevail in the harshest of weather conditions. ATVs can also trudge through mud, traverse rocky terrain and make it through pools of water (all within reason, of course). Contact your local ATV shop about installing tires that will work best with however you use your vehicle the most. This will better guarantee that your ATV will last a long time while performing the duties you purchased it for.
  • Security patrol: Let’s say you own several acres of land and the fence line is miles down the back field, or your job is to protect a farm’s crops from theft or animal damage. Doing this type of patrol on foot would take an awfully long time, and what if you have to chase someone down? Whether you’re working your own private property or you are hired security, patrolling a large area over rough terrain during any time of the year is easier when you utilize the convenience of an ATV.
  • Hauling equipment: Your ATV is set up so that separate attachments can connect to the rear to haul work equipment and other materials—think small walled trailers, flat beds, wood chippers and large equipment fashioned with wheels. This function comes in handy for construction workers moving heavy machinery, especially for jobs in more rural or open areas, as well as professional landscapers who need to have a lot of tools with them to do their job.
  • Removing tree debris: Big properties surrounded by trees are always getting littered with downed branches and other green debris. True, some fallen greenery is great for ecosystems to thrive—decomposing leaves and twigs, hiding places for small animals under branches—but too many and too big pieces of wood can pose hazardous if blocking roads and other access points on a property. Need to cut up a tree? Hook up a trailer pull to cart a chainsaw around with relative ease.
  • Off-roading fun: Of course you want to take your ATV out on adventures. After all, that’s what they are designed for. Although these machines look like small vehicles without roofs, ATVs are not street legal, but you can take them off-roading on just about any type of terrain in all sorts of weather conditions. Locate a dirt trail and take a friend with you on your second seat to enjoy an adventure together.

From fun in the mud to hauling equipment to a worksite, there are many ways to get the most use out of your ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL. At Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, we sell new and used recreational vehicles, as well as the ATV parts and accessories you are looking for. Come check out our selection today!

Important Road Safety Tips for Riders of Honda Scooters in Treasure Coast, FL

May 1, 2016 | Published by

Maybe you’re mulling over the idea of getting another mode of transportation to alleviate your wallet from high gas prices, or perhaps you simply don’t need a big vehicle for daily use. When a car is not that economical anymore, but a motorcycle doesn’t appeal to you either, why not investigate the world of Honda scooters in Treasure Coast, FL? Compact, easy to handle and not a gas-guzzler, a two-wheel scooter could be in the cards. But before you pull on out into traffic, there are some important safety tips we’d like to share:

  • Always wear a helmet and other safety gear: Unlike a car, there is no roof to protect your body from injury. Wear a helmet specific for scooter riders and make sure it’s fastened properly so it doesn’t fall off or fall forward, blocking your line of sight. It is also advised that you wear other safety gear like reflective clothing, and add reflective decorations to your scooter.
  • Turn signals are a must: Even bicycle riders use hand motion turn signals to change lanes or turn a corner. And since you are considered a street legal vehicle, you must use your scooter’s turn signals or hand signals, as well, because how else are other drivers going to know your intended directional changes? Indicating your movements on the road by way of blinking turn signals is the safest, best and most law-abiding way to get along with others traveling your route.
  • Flip on those headlights: Day or night, rain or shine, it is crucial that you turn on your scooter’s headlights so other drivers can see you bright and clear. Since most street ready scooters can reach speeds up to 40 mph—modified ones can go as high as 60 mph—pedestrians and bicyclists also need to know where you are to avoid a collision, which, even at these seemingly low speeds for such a small machine, can be catastrophic.
  • Maintain a safe following distance: Although tailgating someone while driving a car is not safe, what’s even more dangerous is tailgating on your scooter. The car in front of you might make a sudden stop or slam into a pothole that, if you hit it, could throw you from your scooter, or there may be situations up ahead that cause vehicles to swerve—you need to be able to avoid hazards, too.
  • Stay on the street: Like motorcycles, scooters in Treasure Coast, FL have to drive on the street with all other motorized vehicles. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for laws regarding where scooters can and cannot be driven, such as city streets and main streets being cleared for riding. Freeway scooter operation is likely not an option because your speed will top out below the posted speed limit. Additionally, vehicle drivers may not realize just how slow you are moving and accidentally run you over.

Between these safety tips for riding scooters in Treasure Coast, FL and the quality service and parts offered by Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, you can take to the roads today with a greater riding confidence.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Side by Sides in Treasure Coast, FL

May 1, 2016 | Published by

Like owning a daily driver, side-by-side owners must practice preventative maintenance if the vehicle is going to remain in good working order. And side-by-sides (also called UTVs) that have been in storage for a long while will require closer inspection, because after some time in non-operational status, a UTV can settle—tires will go flat, parts will corrode and cables will fray. With this in mind, here are a few preventative maintenance tips for side by sides in Treasure Coast, FL.

Change the oil and filters

First, only use the type of engine oil recommended for your side-by-side, such as oil made for engines that are subject to heavy use at high temperatures. You can find this information in your owner’s manual or by contacting a local side-by-side dealer. Because having good, clean oil is important to the performance of your UTV, take a minute to check the oil before every use and change it regularly. And because your vehicle is an off-roader picking up dirt and dust, replace the oil and air filters at every oil change.

Look the battery over

Whether you drive it all the time or don’t touch it for a few months, your side-by-side’s battery may be quick to lose its charge, which is not unusual. The battery power begins to drain as soon as the engine is turned on, but a charge can also drop simply by sitting cold and unused over winter. For thorough maintenance, check the battery often for corrosion around connectors, dripping down the sides or crusting around wires. If the battery still works, clean it off with a strong brush, and then consider coating terminals with an approved gel to stave off further corrosion.

Inspect the brakes

Brake system maintenance is key for safe and reliable side by sides in Treasure Coast, FL. If your brakes are not working properly, have sustained damaged or you’ve ignore signs of impending problems, you might end up paying expensive replacement costs—or worse, you and your passengers could get injured while out on a ride. Even if you are not too familiar with the mechanics, there are some checks you can perform—like inspecting the brake fluid level, seeing if the pedals feel soft, noticing whether the vehicle is jumpy when stopping and keeping an ear out for squeaking or scraping pads.

Take your UTV to the pros

Doing your own maintenance is a must, but you should also plan to take your side-by-side to a professional shop for an annual top-to-bottom inspection, as a shop has the right tools to take apart your UTV for a close-up look. This is especially important after your UTV has been covered away in storage during the offseason, since fluids can dry up and components can get a bit stiff from lack of use.

If service is needed for your side by sides in Treasure Coast, FL, contact the team at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki today and we will get you in touch with our service department—you’ll be back out riding in the great outdoors in no time!

Bikes in Treasure Coast, FL: The Perfect Activity for the Whole Family!

April 15, 2016 | Published by

As the weather gets nice again and kids are already eagerly anticipating the beginning of summer, many families in the area are starting to wonder how they will keep their children entertained and have fun as a family when school’s out. Sure, that week vacation will be fun, but you need something that can sustain you for several months. If you and your family do not already ride bikes in Treasure Coast, FL, then now might be the time to start doing so. Here is a look at why riding bikes in Treasure Coast, FL is the perfect fun pastime that the whole family can enjoy:

  • Family bonding: When was the last time you hung out with your entire family, and no screens or cars were involved? Biking is a more wholesome family bonding experience that still provides plenty of fun and excitement for both young and old family members.
  • Discover new things: Do you and your family tend to eat at the same restaurants, shop at the same stores and do the same things for fun all the time? Biking allows you to explore new areas with an intimacy that driving doesn’t offer, giving you the perfect opportunity to break out of your rut and try something new.
  • Healthy exercise: Between rising rates of childhood obesity and the continuing prevalence of eating disorders, your kids are getting a lot of mixed signals about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Biking is a sensible, fun way to get a little exercise without making them feel overly pressured or insecure.
  • Independence: Your kids want freedom, but you want to make sure they don’t grow up too fast. Biking as a family will teach them biking safety and responsibility, so that you will feel more comfortable about letting them go off to bike with their friends later on.
  • Make new friends: Once you get involved in the local biking community, you will likely find other families that love the activity as much as you do. Having another family to go on rides with will make things more fun for the whole clan.
  • Affordable: We know that raising a family is expensive, and it’s true that buying bikes and safety gear is not cheap. But once you own the necessary equipment, biking is an engaging, rewarding experience that is 100 percent free. You will not find a comparable family activity that can rival biking in that area.
  • Lifelong hobby: When you bike with your kids, you are helping them to develop a lifelong passion for a hobby that is healthy, affordable and social. Everyone wants to set their kids up for a rich and rewarding life, and biking can certainly be one piece of that puzzle.

Whatever reason you have for riding bikes in Treasure Coast, FL with your family, it is sure to be a fun and memorable experience. You can find quality bikes and bike maintenance and safety gear at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, your locally owned and operated source for bikes in Treasure Coast, FL.

Six Reasons to Get Your Kids Involved with Go Carts in Treasure Coast, FL

April 1, 2016 | Published by

Here at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, we are proud to have one of the best selections of go carts in Treasure Coast, FL. When they see that we stock go carts, many of our customers will ask us why it is a worthwhile pastime for kids, and understandably some of them will have concerns about safety.

The truth is that riding go carts can be a highly rewarding and exciting activity for both kids and their parents to be involved in. Here is a closer look at six reasons to get your kids involved with go carts in Treasure Coast, FL:

  • Healthy competition: Competition is a natural part of life, and your kids need to learn about hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork before they enter the harsh “real world.” Go carting is a great way to teach your kids how to be humble winners and gracious losers, and how not to give up in the face of difficulty.
  • Jump-start on driving: Your kids will be studying for their driving permit tests before you know it, and many teens find learning to drive confusing and difficult. Familiarizing your child with the basics of driving early in life will make earning their driver’s license easier on both of you, and could even reduce the chance of them getting in a serious car accident.
  • Understand mechanics: Go carts obviously do not operate in the same way real cars do, but they do employ the basic principles of thermodynamics. Understanding how to maintain a go cart will help your child take care of their automobile when they get older, and might even encourage them to go into the mechanical or automotive industry field as an adult.
  • Create memories: The special bond between parent and child becomes even stronger when the two of them share a passion for the same hobby. Create lasting memories with your child on the go cart track. Both of you will treasure them for a lifetime, and they might even pass the experience onto their own children.
  • Encourage safety: As we have mentioned, go carts can pose a risk if the proper safety measures are not taken. Rather than looking at go carting as a dangerous activity to be avoided, look at it instead as an opportunity to teach your kid about the importance of safety, especially in regards to driving.
  • Break barriers: Go carting is a pastime often associated with boys, but these days girls are getting in on the fun as well. If you have a daughter who is not interested in the typical “feminine” activities, show her you appreciate her differences by encouraging her to take up go carting. You just might have the next Danica Patrick on your hands!

Whatever reason you have for getting your child involved with go carts in Treasure Coast, FL, you are introducing them to a fun and exciting world. Please come check out the selection of go carts at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki anytime.

How to Stay Safe on Your Dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL

March 15, 2016 | Published by

The roar of the engine. Kicking up dust. Going airborne. Riding a dirt bike can be thrilling. However, without the proper safety precautions, it can also be dangerous. When you ride your dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL, use the following precautions to ensure a safe, fun time:

  • Learn proper safety techniques: Take a motorcycle and dirt bike safety course to ensure you learn everything you need to know before riding. General maintenance and proper handling are essential skills to have before your first cruise. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles or your Parks and Recreation Department for available courses.
  • Be Goldilocks: Make sure your bike size is just right for you. If it is too big or too small, the bike will be hard to steer and brake. Ensure you can reach all the controls comfortably. Your dirtbike dealer can help you select a bike that fits your frame.
  • Read the manual: Before riding it for the first time, read your dirtbike owner’s manual. It may not be the most exciting book you’ve ever read, but it might be one of the most important. You want to have an in-depth understanding of the bike before racing away on it. A cover-to-cover read of the manual will give you the knowledge you need.
  • Inspect it: Perform an overall inspection before riding your bike each time. Test your brakes. Check tire pressures for appropriate levels. Test all controls to ensure proper functioning. If anything is not working correctly, don’t risk it. Take the bike for repairs before you take it for a spin. It’s worth the wait for a good safe ride.
  • Wear a helmet: It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. Falls happen. It is of utmost important to protect your head and, in turn, your brain. It’s worth messing up your hair. Always wear a helmet. When choosing one, select a helmet with the U.S. Department of Transportation approved label.
  • Dress appropriately: Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing. This could easily get caught on the bike and interfere with operation. Ensure your clothes provide full-body protection. Your outfit should consist of long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, gloves and close-toed shoes. Add knee, shoulder and chest pads, as well as a pair of goggles.
  • Stay off the road: Dirtbikes are meant to be ridden on dirt. You may have to occasionally cross a road to access the next trail, but try to avoid riding on the road. Dirt bikes are not equipped with the proper lighting and safety features for street or highway driving.
  • Choose safe riding conditions: Riders are often tempted to drive in unsafe conditions. A steep hill can look thrilling. Muddy trails may seem ruggedly fun. However, you must put safety first. Don’t ride in terrain beyond your ability or in slippery conditions like mud, snow or ice.

Ready to ride?

These simple safety tips can help you avoid injury to yourself and others. If you have this check-list down and are prepared to ride, stop in Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki to find your perfect dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL.

Questions to Ask When Purchasing Preowned ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL

March 1, 2016 | Published by

You’re finally going to get the ATV you have always wanted. Your dreams of roaming the countryside are about to come true. Are you ready to start shopping? First, arm yourself with the right questions. The following queries will ensure you have all the information you need as you shop for ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL. When shopping, ask yourself, or the dealership the following:

Does the ATV make a good first impression?

Looks can be deceiving, but a well-cared for machine will likely have a good overall appearance. If the ATV doesn’t look well-maintained, it probably isn’t. If it does have a clean, sharp look, inspect it closely for any hidden damage. To ensure you don’t miss anything, ask the next question.

Has the frame been damaged?

The nature of the sport makes crashes fairly common. Be sure to check out the ATV on a level surface. Look to see if it is crooked or leans to one side. Inspect the paint for cracks. Check for rust in the welds and look underneath for damage. A thorough inspection of the exterior should give you an idea of any antics the machine was put through in the past. Keep in mind that a damaged frame can create a poor riding experience.

Is the engine oil dirty?

If ATV’s oil isn’t changed as often as it should be, it loses its lubricant properties. It no longer keeps parts from coming into contact with one another. This results in worn metal and damaged parts. Check the oil to see what kind of condition the ATV is in. Dirty engine oil can be a red flag that proper maintenance has not been done, and the parts could be worn.

Is the coolant clean?

Check the coolant. It should be orange or green. If it has an oily look or contains particles, this is a sign of mechanical problems with the ATV. If the coolant level is low, this can indicate the engine has not been kept as cool as it should and could be damaged.

What are the conditions of the tires?

Inspect the tires for wear. If they need to be replaced, factor this in with the price. Whatever you pay for the ATV, you will need to add the expense of new tires shortly after. This can be costly, so a thorough tire inspection is important as you consider your budget and the price for your new ATV.

Are noises coming from the driveline?

If you hear crunching or grinding in the driveline, you should be concerned. Be sure to inspect the bearings of the CV joint. Check the boots on each axle. ATV axles often take a beating out on the trails, so be sure to perform a thorough inspection of all parts involved.


Am I ready to purchase my dream ATV?

If the answer to this last one is yes, Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki offers a great selection of ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL. Stop in today and our experienced staff will be available to answer all your ATV questions and get you on the trails tomorrow.

Five Ways a Cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL May Suit You Better

February 15, 2016 | Published by

Many customers visit our showroom looking for a flashy sportbike. Once we have a chance to discuss the various options, as well as their expectations when traveling, it is not uncommon to discover that a cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL may be a better match for them. These classic models offer a comfortable ride that is often more appropriate to the needs of many bikers. Here are circumstances that can make a cruiser a better choice:

  • Road trips: If the open road calls to you and makes the 500-mile ride a tempting expression of freedom, a sportbike will make you miserable. They are not made for long rides, but they can be a thrill around town or on the track. The cruiser loves long road trips as much as you do, however, and will offer you much better comfort and handling on the highway. Do not turn that adventure into suffering when that is unnecessary. Enjoy the better leg and back support that is only available on a cruiser.
  • Cargo: Another option that cruisers offer for road trips is room for cargo. Much like a backpack on wheels, it is easier to bring an extra change of clothes, your hiking boots or even a fishing pole on your cruiser than on a weight-sensitive sportbike. With a large box available for cargo on each side, you will be ready for your motorcycle vacation. You can even add accessories like a bicycle rack to your cruiser, so you can enjoy a variety of recreational options while you are exploring the country.
  • Off-road options: Your sportbike likes pavement, but the cruiser can handle a variety of terrains. If part of your trip involves a dirt or gravel road, that will be much more pleasant if you are driving a cruiser. You will not have to worry your suspension taking a beating or experiencing the kind of jarring ride that can turn you off to motorcycles for life. Cruisers also run well along the beach, which makes them a welcome addition to seaside adventures. When you think your trip will contain elements of the unexpected or opportunities outside paved roads, come prepared with a cruiser.
  • Weather: Not only can the cruiser handle adverse terrain, but weather conditions are also better tolerated. A heavy rainstorm and sudden mud accumulation can wreak havoc on a sportbike, but a cruiser can handle such conditions seamlessly. That expands your travel options further because you do not have to worry about interesting weather stopping your trip cold.
  • Less frequent fill-ups: Cruisers have larger fuel tanks than sportbikes. Being in the countryside with a nearly empty fuel tank can become a disaster with a sportbike if there are no fuel stops in sight. Despite being larger, cruisers have comparable gas mileage, so once you fill up at the station, your fuel supply will last. If you are carrying cargo, expect that efficiency to drop a little but still be better than with a car.

Check out a top-of-the-line cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL by exploring the various models in stock at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki. With our diverse inventory, you will find the motorcycle that fits your needs and budget.

Buy a Dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL—It’s Good for Your Health!

February 1, 2016 | Published by

Being out in nature with your dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL is not just a good thrill. It is also good for your health and overall feeling of well-being. If you have been considering a dirtbike but putting it off, the following health benefits may send you visiting our showroom soon:

  • Aerobic exercise: Raising your heart rate gets more oxygen to your brain and builds up your energy reserves. The average ride will bring your heart rate into the mid-130s, which is better than many gym exercises—and often more fun, too. If you are an advanced rider who indulges in jumps, hills and trail obstacles, your heart rate will rise even higher for more fitness benefits. You will burn calories, gain endurance and experience a calmer frame of mind while enjoying outdoor recreation.
  • Balance: People often overlook the importance of balance, although it is necessary to keep you safe every day. Balance arises from the strength of deep core muscles, which are hard to exercise through conventional means. However, neglecting them is the cause of many common injuries. Back pain arises from weak core muscles, and home accidents often result from losing your balance for a brief second. When you ride your dirtbike, it works muscles dedicated to maintaining balance. Not only will you ride your dirtbike better with improved balance, but it will add quality to other areas of your life, too. Your chances of sustaining a fall will decrease, and you will likely notice less back pain.
  • Strength training: Leg or arm day at the gym is not the only way you can gain strength. Dirtbikes are motorized, but that does not mean they fail to challenge the body. In addition to strengthening your core muscles, riding a dirtbike also emphasizes upper and lower body strength. It takes effort to turn, lift and operate the vehicle. If you take on jumps, lifting the handlebars and cushioning your landing take extra muscle power that will increase your strength.
  • Outdoor time: Getting away from your computer and into the outdoors offers fresh air and mental release. You will also enjoy Vitamin D from the sunlight and deal with stress better. Being outside exercising is one of the best ways to gain perspective and make your life more manageable and enjoyable.
  • Improved posture: If you work a desk job, chances are your posture suffers. To ride effectively, you need it to improve, and riding your dirtbike leaves no options here. The natural seated position on a dirtbike forces good posture and once it sticks, it will carry into other areas of your life—including the dreaded computer desk. You will suffer less back and neck pain and appear more confident.
  • Mental stimulation: Taking on obstacles and jumps requires planning so you stay safe. Riding motorcycles of all types activates the pre-frontal part of the brain, and that has been shown to improve overall cognitive function.

Visit the team at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki today to choose your new dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL—and enjoy a new lease on life!