Important Road Safety Tips for Riders of Honda Scooters in Treasure Coast, FL

May 1, 2016 | Published by

Maybe you’re mulling over the idea of getting another mode of transportation to alleviate your wallet from high gas prices, or perhaps you simply don’t need a big vehicle for daily use. When a car is not that economical anymore, but a motorcycle doesn’t appeal to you either, why not investigate the world of Honda scooters in Treasure Coast, FL? Compact, easy to handle and not a gas-guzzler, a two-wheel scooter could be in the cards. But before you pull on out into traffic, there are some important safety tips we’d like to share:

  • Always wear a helmet and other safety gear: Unlike a car, there is no roof to protect your body from injury. Wear a helmet specific for scooter riders and make sure it’s fastened properly so it doesn’t fall off or fall forward, blocking your line of sight. It is also advised that you wear other safety gear like reflective clothing, and add reflective decorations to your scooter.
  • Turn signals are a must: Even bicycle riders use hand motion turn signals to change lanes or turn a corner. And since you are considered a street legal vehicle, you must use your scooter’s turn signals or hand signals, as well, because how else are other drivers going to know your intended directional changes? Indicating your movements on the road by way of blinking turn signals is the safest, best and most law-abiding way to get along with others traveling your route.
  • Flip on those headlights: Day or night, rain or shine, it is crucial that you turn on your scooter’s headlights so other drivers can see you bright and clear. Since most street ready scooters can reach speeds up to 40 mph—modified ones can go as high as 60 mph—pedestrians and bicyclists also need to know where you are to avoid a collision, which, even at these seemingly low speeds for such a small machine, can be catastrophic.
  • Maintain a safe following distance: Although tailgating someone while driving a car is not safe, what’s even more dangerous is tailgating on your scooter. The car in front of you might make a sudden stop or slam into a pothole that, if you hit it, could throw you from your scooter, or there may be situations up ahead that cause vehicles to swerve—you need to be able to avoid hazards, too.
  • Stay on the street: Like motorcycles, scooters in Treasure Coast, FL have to drive on the street with all other motorized vehicles. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for laws regarding where scooters can and cannot be driven, such as city streets and main streets being cleared for riding. Freeway scooter operation is likely not an option because your speed will top out below the posted speed limit. Additionally, vehicle drivers may not realize just how slow you are moving and accidentally run you over.

Between these safety tips for riding scooters in Treasure Coast, FL and the quality service and parts offered by Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, you can take to the roads today with a greater riding confidence.