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Youth and ATVs: Keeping Young Drivers Safe

January 15, 2016 | Published by

If you love driving ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL, it is only natural that you’ll want to pass down this hobby to your children. However, if you do not choose the right equipment or follow safety precautions, this introduction could have a tragic end. The best way to continue enjoying ATVs is to use common sense when it comes to young riders. Here are seven tips for keeping youngsters safe on ATVs:

  • Choose the right size: Never let children operate ATVs exceeding their age group. Vehicles that are too large or powerful could lead to an accident when children cannot handle them. Even if your child falls into the age group recommended for an ATV model, it can still be too much. If this is the case, choose an ATV in one age category lower. It may embarrass your child, but they’ll ultimately prefer this to not participating at all.
  • Implement a no-passenger rule: Young riders are not experienced enough to keep passengers safe, and on some models, passengers also complicate handling. Wait until children are closer to adulthood before allowing them to operate a two-up vehicle. If your child rides as a passenger, only allow him or her to ride with a responsible adult and make sure he or she can reach the handholds and footrests from a seated position.
  • Require protective gear: Youngsters, as well as older riders, should always wear helmets, eye protection, gloves, long pants, long-sleeved shirts and boots that go over the ankle. This is necessary in any weather, as these items will reduce the likelihood of serious injury. Consider adding a kidney belt or a chest and back protector, too.
  • Have your child prove competence: Children operating ATVs should be able to operate the brakes, control acceleration and maneuver well. Have them practice in safe, controlled environments before taking them out on the trail. If you do not notice this level of competence, consider getting a smaller vehicle or waiting until your child develops further before allowing them to drive ATVs again.
  • Be educated yourself: Even if you have been riding ATVs for decades, it is prudent to take a class before you start teaching your children. It will be a good refresher and will help you in your approach when you show your children how to drive ATVs. There are also ATV educational activities online that are aimed at kids. Make this a good opportunity for all of you to learn—or relearn.
  • Don’t forget decision-making ability: You will not want to introduce your child to ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL unless there is an understanding of cause-and-effect. This will help ensure good decision-making should any problems arise. Ask about scenarios that might occur to see how your child thinks them through. If you find more interest in performing stunts than staying safe, you may wish to delay ATV activities until your child grows into a more logical train of thought.
  • Supervise: Never let a child under age 16 drive an ATV unsupervised. Even if the vehicle fits them and handles correctly, you are taking a substantial risk when you treat it like a toy. As children get older, have them prove that they are worthy of your trust before you allow any unsupervised outings.

Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki has many models of ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL available to help you make the right choice for your child or yourself. Visit us today to explore our inventory.

Looking at Scooters in Treasure Coast, FL? Here are Some Tips for Choosing the Right One

January 15, 2016 | Published by

Motor scooters are fun and fuel-efficient vehicles for traveling around from place to place. There are also many models and features to choose from, which can make selecting the right scooter for your purposes a bit of a challenge. If you are considering buying a scooter, here are five elements to consider when making your decision:

  • Your purpose for the scooter: Scooters in Treasure Coast, FL are normally offered in three engine sizes: 50cc, 150cc, and 250cc. Your choice of engine size first depends on your purpose and your expectations for the scooter. If you want a fuel-efficient errand runner that only travels surface roads, the 50cc is likely all you need. However, if you are looking for a powerful vehicle replacement that you will run for miles and have a big basket for groceries, consider a larger 150cc or 250cc. Your purpose will likely define priorities that will help narrow down the selection of scooter models to consider.
  • Highway use: Your purpose will also determine the roads your scooter will travel. Before you buy, honestly assess how much highway driving you expect to do. You never want to take a 50cc scooter on a highway because its maximum speed is 40 mph and you risk getting run over by other motorists. The larger 150cc can do an occasional highway run, but with a maximum speed of 60 mph, you will likely hold people up and feel vulnerable to wind gusts from semi trucks. If you see yourself taking frequent highway runs, go for a 250cc. You will feel safer, and with a higher maximum speed, you will also keep up better with traffic. These larger scooters in Treasure Coast, FL also stay stable better when larger vehicles pass you.
  • Body weight: While this is a delicate subject, lightweight vehicles like scooters are sensitive to body weight. They will perform differently for different sizes of riders. Larger people often prefer a 250cc because it is also larger and heavier, and the bigger engine makes acceleration easier. You can likely still drive a 50cc, but expect it to be less responsive.
  • Handling preferences: How you handle a scooter will also factor into your choice. If you imagine yourself maneuvering around town pretending you are in Italy, the 50cc will likely prove adequate and within your expectations. For those wanting speed, the larger 250cc will likely suffice, but you will also drop your gas mileage from 100 mpg to 60 mpg. Acceleration will also vary depending whether you are carrying cargo or passengers.
  • Style: There are riders for whom only an Italian retro style will do. Know that if you go this route, you are likely sacrificing engine size because only the 50cc engines accommodate this look. Going for a larger scooter will sacrifice any suggestion of retro but give you the safety and speed you desire.

Whether you want speed, fuel efficiency or maneuverability, we likely have the scooter that is perfect for you. Check out our inventory of scooters at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki.

Pros and Cons: OEM vs. Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts in Treasure Coast, FL

December 15, 2015 | Published by

Whenever you need work done on your motorcycle that involves a part replacement, you’ve got to make a choice that could have a large amount of bearing on the future of your bike: OEM or aftermarket? Making the decision to buy an original manufacturer replacement part versus a modified, aftermarket component could dramatically impact the way you deal with situations concerning repairs in the future.

First, it’s essential to get to the bottom of what exactly your two choices are. Take a look at a quick breakdown of OEM versus aftermarket motorcycle parts in Treasure Coast, FL:

  • OEM parts are replacement components that are identical to what’s stock on your bike—hence the name “original equipment manufacturer.”
  • Aftermarket parts are not sourced from your bike’s manufacturer, but instead made by a third party company. They will likely function the same or better than an original part, with the benefit of offering you options that stock OEM parts can’t.

Sounds like an easy choice, right? If you just want a run-of-the-mill replacement, you choose OEM; if you want to modify your vehicle, you go with aftermarket. But the solution isn’t always this simple and in fact, has ramifications beyond the part you choose in the end.

First things first: warranties. OEM motorcycle parts in Treasure Coast, FL aren’t going to void your warranty because they’re identical to the parts you’re relying on in the first place! Sticking an OEM in as a replacement won’t affect your warranty coverage at all. Aftermarket on the other hand, will likely void your warranty! Because you’re putting something “untested” in your bike, which deviates from the stock, your warranty is not obligated to cover you should something else go wrong—after all, you could’ve just gotten OEM part!

While OEM options may trump the decision if you’re someone concerned about warranty coverage, aftermarket parts will certainly appeal to you if you’re looking to save a quick buck in the short term. Many aftermarket motorcycle parts in Treasure Coast, FL cost a fraction of what an OEM part does and in fact, many top OEM brands are a good deal less than their OEM counterparts. With OEM, you’re paying for a higher upfront price to keep your warranty intact and get the same standardization as you would right off the assembly line.

Finally, performance is always a hot button topic when considering part replacements. As mentioned briefly above, aftermarket parts are tremendously appealing because of their advanced specifications—aftermarket brands push the limits of your bike’s performance and often, this equates to more enjoyment of your bike. With OEM, you get what you get: stock performance that’s reliable—no more, no less. If you’re knowledgeable, aftermarket can trump an OEM part… however if you’re in the mindset of playing it safe, OEM is a must-have.

The next time you need a new part of your bike and are faced with the decision to choose a stock versus aftermarket replacement option, consider carefully the route you want to take. It’s more than just an immediate decision—it’s one with lasting ramifications!

Which Bikes in Treasure Coast, FL Should You Look at as a First Time Bike Owner?

December 1, 2015 | Published by

Becoming a first-time motorcycle owner is an exciting experience! Chances are you have friends who are riders who have all recommended certain makes and models to you, and we’re certain you’ve spent quite a few hours flipping through magazine and catalogs, looking for the bike that speaks to you. Moreover, you’ve probably spent more time online than you’d care to admit, reading forum posts and shopping around for ideas before you even step foot on a dealer’s lot!

At Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, we completely understand, and we’re always excited to hear what prospective new bike owners have to say about the kind of bikes in Treasure Coast, FL they’re looking to buy! We would caution, however, that you ask yourself the right questions and get some expert answers before you delve too far into the motorcycle buying process.

What do we mean? Well, for starters, it’s important to realize that many of the things you’re hearing from friends or reading about online are opinion-based—not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s important to realize this, however, because not everyone shares the same opinion and if you’re not sure what’s all out there in terms of bikes, you could end up investing in someone else’s opinion, only to find that you’re not a big fan of the bike you buy. It can really dampen the experience.

Second, it’s incredibly important to look inward at what owning a bike is going to mean for you. Are you going to be a casual rider? Do you plan on taking trips on your bike? Are you joining a club for certain bike owners, like Kawasaki riders or Harley-Davidson owners? Are you going to be riding alone or with a passenger? All of these questions and a thousand more are things that you need to ask yourself before you focus too strongly on a specific type or model of bike. If that focus doesn’t fit you, it can sour you on other options that might be truly perfect for your needs!

Finally, think about how deep you want to ride down the rabbit hole. As with any hobby, bikes in Treasure Coast, FL come with varying degrees of responsibility and expertise, meaning you can be as involved or as unattached as you want to be. Want to treat your bike strictly as a vehicle by riding it and keeping up on its regular maintenance? No problem! Want to get your hands dirty replacing parts, upgrading with aftermarket components and stylizing your ride? Go for it! Depending on what appeals to you, certain models might be in or out.

All of this is to say that if you’re about to become a first time bike owner, it’s important to invest some time speaking directly to an expert who can help you narrow down your best options. It’s absolutely fine and strongly encouraged to search online, talk to friends and read magazines—just make sure you’re taking it all with a grain of salt. Remember, buying a bike should be fun and when you do finally get the keys to your new ride, you should be exhilarated with your choice!

How to Find Fellow Enthusiasts of Motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL

November 15, 2015 | Published by

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road in your motorcycle, with the wind whipping at your face and miles of open highway in front of you. But if you don’t have any friends or family members who also love to ride, the motorcycle life can sometimes get a bit lonely. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to find other people who love motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL just as much as you do. Read on to learn about different ways you can find fellow motorcycle enthusiasts in your area:

  • Stop along your favorite trail: If you love a particularly twisty, smooth or wide-open road or trail, chances are good that other bikers love it too. Try and find a burger joint, bar or shop along or near that road, and scope it out next time you have a free afternoon. Perhaps you will stumble upon a biker hangout, and if not, at least you will spend a nice day riding your favorite route.
  • Carry your helmet with you: One surefire way for motorcyclists to spot each other is the telltale helmet tucked under your arm. If you see someone with a helmet, try striking up a friendly conversation with them by asking them what kind of bike they ride. Most bikers love talking about their bikes, so it likely will not be awkward.
  • Go camping: Many motorcycle lovers like to camp, because it means they can spend all day on the road, and then stop at the end and enjoy a bit of nature. If you poke around online, you can probably find a campsite near you that is popular with motorcyclists. Your camping trip might even become a yearly tradition!
  • Plug in: When all else fails, use the technology available to you to find motorcyclists in your area. There are plenty of message boards out there where you can trade tips and road recommendations, as well as meet-up websites where you can organize weekly riding groups.
  • Check out charity events: The world of motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL can often get a bad rap for being reckless and rude, but the truth is that motorcyclists actually have a huge soft streak, and that becomes apparent when you realize how many motorcycling groups take part in charitable events. Find a motorcycling-focused charity event in your area, and sign yourself up.
  • Take a class: If you want to improve your skills and also meet new motorcycling friends, kill two birds with one stone by enrolling in a motorcycle skills class. This is an especially good idea for those who are new to motorcycling, as a safety skills class could possibly save your life.

However you go about meeting fellow bikers, you will likely soon find that the motorcycle community here in the Treasure Coast area is lively and welcoming. And for all your motorcycle parts, advice and new and used motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL, remember you can always count on Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki.

Go Local When Buying Motorcycle Parts in Treasure Coast, FL

November 1, 2015 | Published by

When it comes time to purchase new motorcycle parts in Treasure Coast, FL, you are likely looking for a few key things: strong customer service, quality parts and reasonable prices. While going to a large chain store might get you the cheapest price, trusting a local store, such as Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, will certainly serve you better in the long run. As a locally owned and operated store, we are proud to be a community hub, and we welcome both longtime and new customers everyday. Here are a few reasons why you should go local when buying motorcycle parts in Treasure Coast, FL:

  • Strong service: When it comes to quality customer service, large chain stores have nothing on small, locally owned and operated businesses. Buying a new part for your motorcycle is a big decision, and you deserve a salesperson who cares more about your overall experience than about selling you something quickly. For local businesses, each and every customer interaction matters, meaning that they will go above and beyond to make sure you leave happy.
  • Expertise: In addition to strong customer service skills, local shops tend to have a level of expertise that is rarely matched by large chain stores. We hire our employees because they love motorcycles and they know a lot about them, not because they meet the lowest common denominator on their application. If you want to ensure you get a great product and credible advice every time, trust a local motorcycle parts shop.
  • Support the local economy: When you buy motorcycle parts from a large chain store, a lot of your money gets redirected to their national headquarters, and mostly just goes toward making the rich even richer. But when you support a strong local business, your money goes toward employing fellow community members and strengthening the overall local economy. If you want to live in a strong community, buy your motorcycle parts in Treasure Coast, FL from a local business.
  • Repeat business: Most local stores rely on repeat business, while large chain stores often don’t even bother to learn the names of their frequent customers. When you buy your parts from a local shop, there is a good chance that the same employees will help you every time, and that they will remember your name, what kind of bike you ride and what your personal preferences are. It’s almost like having your own personal motorcycle caretaker.
  • Local character: Finally, strong local businesses make communities richer, and not just economically. If you value the idea of living somewhere that has character and personality, one easy way to secure that is to buy your motorcycle parts from a quality local business.

If you are looking for a great local business where you can buy quality motorcycle parts in Treasure Coast, FL, then we invite you to come visit the team at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki. Our team of motorcycle experts looks forward to meeting you, and to helping you find the perfect part for your bike.

Wear Protective Gear While Riding Motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL

October 15, 2015 | Published by

The local area offers an almost perfect environment for enjoying motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL. However, the adventure can be cut short if you suffer serious injury in an accident. While that prospect is not always within your control, you can minimize your physical damage by wearing protective clothing as you ride. Here are five items that will help you stay safer on the road:

  • Leathers: Motorcycle leathers are often the last things anyone wishes to wear in the Florida heat, but they protect you from road rash, broken bones and internal injury. You can buy the jacket and pants separate or even spend the big bucks on a full riding suit. Many of these options also offer extra armor pads for additional protection. This is also not a place to cut corners. Paying extra for thicker material means your protective clothing lasts longer and enhances your safety more effectively.
  • Riding jeans: Some riders prefer riding jeans to leathers. While they do not offer nearly the protection of leathers, they are better than conventional clothing. You can even find brands reinforced with Kevlar. Riding jeans are frequently a good option if you are only riding a short distance and do not have time to dress in full leathers.
  • Gloves: Motorcycle gloves guard against a basic human instinct: if you fall, your first inclination is to catch yourself as you hit the ground. The behavior frequently leads to road rash and wrist fractures, so rather than try to overcome instinct, it is best to buy good gloves. Specialized motorcycle gloves strap at the wrist to maintain a snug fit. If you are tempted to save money and purchase leather fashion gloves for your rides, abandon that thought. They will not offer the same features and protection.
  • Helmet: If you are over age 21 and carry at least $10,000 in medical payment insurance or healthcare coverage, you are not required to wear a helmet. However, unless you are the “live dangerously” type of person, chances are you will be looking for a good helmet. Motorcycle helmets contain precise layers of Styrofoam that will decelerate the rate at which your head hits the pavement in the event of a crash. When you buy one, you want it to be snug enough not to move around on your head, but you should not feel like your head is in a vice, either. Try on different models to determine the best fit.
  • Boots: Sandals, tennis shoes and fashion boots are just a few examples of cringe-worthy riding footwear. Buying boots made specifically for riding motorcycles means you acquire better pavement grip when stopped and your feet and ankles are protected if you have an accident or your bike starts to fall. If you can’t find boots specifically for motorcycles, try work or combat boots, as they offer good traction and a steel shank to help keep your feet safe.

Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki offers a full selection of motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL, and our team is full of helpful knowledge about safety and apparel. Stop by today to find the motorcycle that offers the power and handling you desire.

Are Scooters in Treasure Coast, FL Right for You?

October 1, 2015 | Published by

Scooters have been hot in Europe for decades but went mostly ignored in the United States, including here on the Treasure Coast. However, scooters in Treasure Coast, FL can be a very useful transportation option for customers who seek ease of use and efficiency. If you are considering a scooter, here is what you need to know about them.

Affordable and efficient transportation

The appeal of scooters is in their image as an affordable alternative to cars or motorcycles. Many young people buy one as their first motorized vehicle, and others may want a smaller vehicle for running local errands. The appeal for scooters is wide and maintains itself for many reasons:

  • Fuel efficiency: If you are worried about high gas prices, becoming a scooter rider will eliminate that consideration. Many models will get an EPA-estimated 100 MPG. Even if you get a larger more comfortable model, you will still enjoy an EPA-estimated 52 MPG.
  • Insurance: Scooters incur cheaper insurance rates than motorcycles and cars. People frequently report paying $90 to $120 per year to insure their scooter with all available coverage, including theft protection and low deductibles.
  • Low purchase price: While you may invest in a scooter with all the features and options, you can still secure many models for less than $5,000.
  • Free or inexpensive parking: With a scooter, you can often take advantage of bicycle parking areas, which are usually free, or park in a much less expensive motorcycle space. People even leave their scooters right in front of retail establishments or even find a space between cars in larger parking lots. You will want to be considerate and not leave your scooter where it is in the way, but it is a vehicle that can fit almost anywhere.

If you live in an urban environment and prefer the speed and safety of motorized transportation, the scooter can be the perfect option for you. You will definitely save money on insurance and fuel while enjoying a fun ride.

Be aware

There are a few things to know about scooters. First, you will need to have a valid driver’s license to drive all models of scooters. Depending on the size of the engine, you will likely need a motorcycle endorsement, too.

Second, while scooters can reach about 80 mph, they are not always the best option for freeway commuting. They work best in urban atmospheres where you spend most of your time on city roads. If you are looking at a scooter for freeway driving, talk with your dealer, as a larger scooter model or motorcycle might work better.

Finally, while scooters are not considered motorcycles under Florida law, you should consider taking a safety course anyway. You will learn tips in handling that will increase your confidence while driving, as well as keep you safer.

Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki offers a full selection of ATVs, motorcycles and scooters in Treasure Coast, FL. Visit our showroom today to find your next efficient vehicle choice.

Types of ATVs to Look at When Considering ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL

September 15, 2015 | Published by

The ATV is a popular purchase for those who love the outdoors, as well as for weekend warriors. An ATV is easy to ride due to its four wheels, and most people can quickly pick up how to control and drive one without any prior experience. Unlike a dirt bike, there is no concern about balance, making them much easier for beginners to operate safely. ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL provide a great option for beginners and experts alike on both the track and the trail.

Just because ATVs are easier to operate, however, does not mean that they are automatically any safer than dirt bikes or motorcycles. It is crucial that age and experience level are considered when you are thinking of purchasing ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL. You must also consider other factors besides age and experience, though, such as which type of bike is best suited for the purposes for which you intend to use your ATV. Here are a few different options for ATVs to consider when purchasing new or used ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL:

  • Entry-level four-wheelers: For most weekend warrior riders, the entry-level four-wheeler is a prime selection. This class is also known as the “recreational trail” class and is perfect for those looking to have some weekend fun out on the trails with friends. These ATVs are designed to be an easy ride with relatively tame handling. They are a great starting point for those who have never ridden an off-road vehicle before. While they are reliable, they are not suited for tough trail situations, such as mud bogs.
  • Utility quads: Utility ATVs are designed for heavy-duty work, such as hauling cargo or pulling a trailer. This type of ATV is favored by those looking for some power, such as farmers, hunters, campers and law enforcement. While these quads are often considered to be rather slow, they pack quite a bit more power than you might expect. They are incredibly reliable when it comes to mud, rocks, steep hill climbs or hauling materials.
  • Sport quads: The sport quad was built with one thing in mind: fun. Sport ATVs are known for their perky engines, long-travel suspension, overall lightness of weight and simple handling for both forest road and track. This ATV is optimized for jumping, rough trails, sliding through mud and popping wheelies. They allow riders to reach optimal speeds. The traditional sport ATV looks fit for a race and is actually quite popular in beginner classes of motocross. Most sport ATVs have five-speed transmission with a manual hand controlled clutch. While they are not automatic, these quads provide the perfect opportunity to master your shifting skills.

Are you still unsure exactly which ATV is right for you? Stop by Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki today to determine which quad is best for you and your experience level. We sell a variety of ATVs manufactured by numerous nationally recognized brands, and our team can help you pick the perfect ATV for your needs.

Four Things to Consider Before Buying Scooters in Treasure Coast, FL

September 1, 2015 | Published by

If you are like most Americans, paying for gas is never something you enjoy. In order to avoid shelling out so much money at the gas pump, you may be considering purchasing scooters in Treasure Coast, FL. Riding a scooter can be a great alternative to a traditional vehicle for riding to and from work or for running errands around town on a beautiful sunny day. Plus you can get more than 100 miles per gallon of gas on the average scooter.

While the idea of purchasing a scooter may seem like a great way to save money in a fun and environmentally friendly way, there are a few pros and cons you may want to consider before running out and purchasing your very own scooter in Treasure Coast, FL. Here are four of them:

  • Scooters can be very inexpensive: Other than being known for their fantastic gas mileage, a scooter can actually be purchased for rather little money, especially in comparison to a car. Most scooters can be bought for approximately $800 to $1,000. If you are particularly interested in being environmentally friendly, a hybrid scooter will be a bit more expensive at around $5,000. Scooters require little maintenance, though, and with regular upkeep, they can last for upwards of a decade.
  • Cost of insurance for a scooter is low: For a scooter with all the bells and whistles, the average cost of insurance is approximately $120 annually. Most people will not purchase the high-end scooter, so insurance prices could actually be even cheaper. This is significantly less than the cost of car insurance, which can exceed than $1000 per year!
  • Not all scooters are ready for the highway: While a scooter may be compact, fuel-efficient and not very costly, it may not be suitable as a primary means of transportation. If you are considering purchasing a scooter to travel to and from work daily on a highway, a scooter may not be the best option for your commute. As great as scooters are, they are not well suited for highway travel. Scooters have very small wheels and, when traveling at high speeds on an interstate, this can actually cause your scooter to be difficult to control. Suddenly, it is a lot easier to get in to an accident simply because of your means of transportation. It is best to use a scooter for cruising through town, not highway travel.
  • Parking can be complicated: Scooters in Treasure Coast, FL may seem like a great environmentally friendly transportation option, but many cities have yet to accommodate them very well. Depending on what Florida city you live in, you may have a difficult time finding a place to park, as most U.S. cities are not especially scooter friendly. In many paid parking situations, you may end up paying as much to park as you would for a car.

Regardless of other factors, we recommend that you first test-drive scooters in Treasure Coast, FL before deciding anything. Visit us today at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki to let one of our qualified staff members help you figure out if a scooter is right for you!