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Purchasing Used Motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL

August 15, 2015 | Published by

Whether you have been riding motorcycles for years and are just looking to add to your collection or you’re just beginning to research buying your first bike, buying a used motorcycle can be both a daunting and exciting experience. Purchasing any type of used vehicle can be risky, but determining the answers to a few simple questions can help you ensure that the motorcycle you are purchasing is exactly what you are looking for and working the way you expect it to. Here are a few things to consider when looking at used motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL.

Do your homework

Many potential buyers are concerned that they will get a bad deal or overpay for a used motorcycle. The best way to avoid that is to find out the average prices of used motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL. Pick a few different brands and models you are interested in and check online resources to determine the market value. After doing your research, have an idea of what you are willing to offer for a similar motorcycle. Then adjust that price point accordingly after inspecting and test riding the bike. You can also use the time spent researching to determine exactly what features you are looking for. Determining what exactly you want in your used motorcycle can also cut down on the time you spend looking for a bike at the dealership.

Ask questions

While it may be easy to get distracted by how great a bike seems to be, it is vital to find out as much as you can before you hand over any cash. There are several basic questions you should ask to give you a pretty good idea of how the previous owner maintained it:

  • How many owners has the bike had?
  • Has it ever been involved in an accident?
  • Why was the bike sold originally?
  • How much work has been done on the bike?
  • Are the bike’s maintenance records available?

Just getting the answers to these questions can save you a lot of time and money in the long run, and also help ensure you’re getting a motorcycle that’s safe and reliable.

Inspect the bike

While it may seem obvious, one of the best indicators of the quality of the motorcycle is its exterior. The look of the exterior can give a general impression of the quality of the interior. Look for parallel scratches on the backs of mirrors, engine covers and the brakes for indicators of an accident. If you see any cracks and welds in the engine cases, it is best to just walk away. If you are not comfortable performing an overall inspection yourself, you can always have a mechanic from an accredited motorcycle repair shop take a look.

The main thing to remember when seeking used motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL is that you have the power. If the bike just does not seem right to you, or if you’re feeling pressured, you can walk away. You should never buy a motorcycle unless you are completely confident in the bike you are purchasing.

Avoiding Serious Accidents on Motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL

August 1, 2015 | Published by

Many people choose to ride motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL because they are affordable, offer great gas mileage, are more environmentally friendly and offer an experience high in adrenaline. Unfortunately, regardless of the prevalence of motorcyclists, more than 4,000 people die as a result of a motorcycle accident each year. Though the danger and risks of riding a motorcycle may seem to be an unavoidable part of the lifestyle, safety should still be a top priority for all motorcyclists. Motorcycles may inherently be less safe than cars, but there are still things both motorcyclists and drivers can do to keep both parties safe.

Here are a few steps you can take to keep the road safe for both drivers and motorcyclists:

  • Wear a helmet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, out of 100 motorcyclists killed in a crash while not wearing a helmet, 37 could have survived if they had worn one. When purchasing a helmet, make sure it is approved by the Department of Transportation, and that it fits properly for optimum protection.
  • Take a motorcycle safety course. A motorcycle safety course will teach bikers laws that apply to motorcycles, how to respond to emergency situations and also provide an opportunity to become comfortable with the vehicle in a controlled and safe environment. It’s better to learn how to recover from a skid in a class, rather than at 60 mph speeds on a highway. Many insurance companies will even offer a reduced rate if you take a safety course.
  • Wear protective clothing. For many, part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle is the connection to the open road. But this comes with a lot of risk, as motorcycles offer very little protection in crashes. In a crash situation, choosing the right gear may actually be lifesaving. Clothing should be made of abrasion-resistant material and fit snug to the body. The leather isn’t just a look—it can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Avoid distractions. Distracted driving is always a bad idea, but it is even worse on a motorcycle. Taking your hands off of the handlebars to fiddle with an iPhone drastically decreases your control and compromises your steering, braking, shifting and accelerating abilities. It also takes a devastating toll on your reaction time. Something as simple as checking your phone can put you at a high risk for collision.
  • Never assume other motorists will check twice. Automobile drivers are also responsible for keeping motorcyclists safe. The easiest way to ensure this is by always by always checking twice. Motorcycles are significantly smaller than most vehicles and can often be easily missed, leading to collisions that can potentially be fatal for both driver and rider. Car and truck drivers, check your blind spots for motorcycles prior to switching lanes. Motorcyclists, never assume the driver sees you—the “check twice” rule needs to work both ways.

At Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki, keeping you safe is always a top priority when you come to look at new motorcycles in Treasure Coast, FL. Visit us today to find both the bike and the gear that will keep you as safe as possible on the open road.

Picking the Right Type of Bike for You

July 15, 2015 | Published by

Picking out a motorcycle isn’t like picking out what you’re going to wear for the day—at the end of the day, whatever investment you make for your bike is one you’ll be stuck with until you either decide to sell it for another model or trade it in—that’s why it’s so important to make the right decision from the get-go. And, when you’re looking at the traditional motorcycle, there’s an important question you’re going to have to answer right off the bat: what type of bike is best for your riding style?

Basically it comes down to picking a touring model versus a sport bike versus a cruiser. These three designations are only the tip of the iceberg (there are eight motorcycle types in total) and are very different in the way the motorcycle looks, performs, how it handles and more—all contributing factors that will absolutely impact the way you ride. In short, picking the right type of motorcycle right off the bat will determine the experience you have with it.

Touring models

Touring motorcycles are built for the open road. If you’re someone who plans on putting in long hours on your bike, numerous miles on long rides and who wants a smooth sailing experience for those extended hours on your bike, a touring model is for you. Touring bikes are typically bigger than other models, but as a result they have steadier handling and larger fuel tanks. Touring models often offer lower-end horsepower, with the caveat that they also offer a more relaxed ride, complete with a more upright seating position.

Sport bikes

As the name might imply, sport bikes are for those riders with a need for speed. Sport bikes are engineered to be smaller, more lightweight, faster and with tremendous handling, to give racers and sport enthusiasts everything they’re looking for in a sleek bike. Acceleration, braking and cornering are fortes of sport bikes, but in being optimized for these traits they lose fuel economy, accommodation abilities and in some cases, safety. Sport bikes are generally considered to be closer to dirt bikes, however they’re classified as motorcycles in their own right.


A cruiser is a classic motorcycle, first made famous by Harley Davidson. Today a cruiser is considered a staple style of bike and many people who are looking for a good intermediary between touring models and sport bikes arrive at a cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL as a logical investment. Cruisers have great low-end torque, plenty of handling, a smooth ride and plenty of accommodations for a passenger. Perhaps the greatest thing about cruisers is their endless customization capabilities, making them great for tinkerers and enthusiasts.

Once you decide what type of ride you’re looking for, picking out the right motorcycle for you becomes a much easier task. A touring model might let you travel the highways of America, while a sport bike might be what you’re looking for to satisfy your need for speed, while a cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL might give you the perfect marriage of power and smoothness that you can customize to make your own. The choice is up to you!

The Many Benefits of a Sportbike in Treasure Coast, FL

July 1, 2015 | Published by

Sportbikes have a special place in the motorcycle community, both for good and bad reasons alike. On the good side of things, many people believe that sportbikes are the product of high innovation from motorcycle manufacturers who have pushed the limits regarding what’s capable on two wheels. On the flipside, hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts see sportbikes in Treasure Coast, FL as no longer being motorcycles and instead put them closer to dirtbikes or in their own category.

Whatever side of the sportbike debate you side on, it’s important not to deny that sportbikes have a myriad of traits that make them unique. It’s important to recognize these traits—especially if you’re in the market for a new bike and aren’t too sure of what a sportbike has to offer you. Take a look at some of the exceptional traits that make sportbikes in Treasure Coast, FL unique:

  • There’s not much else on two wheels that’s as fast as a sportbike! Sportbikes—particularly those modified for racing—can outstrip sedans on the open road and in many cases, the top of the speedometer can tip 200mph. Now, you shouldn’t ever be travelling that fast, but it’s worth noting the innovation that has led to the capability!
  • If you’re looking for peak handling capabilities, it gets no better than sportbikes. To coincide with their tremendous speeds, these bikes also need handling that allows for pinpoint adjustments and reflex, and today’s modern sportbikes have answered in kind.
  • Cornering on a sportbike is like no other experience on the road, simply because of the complexity and finesse that’s required to execute a perfect corner. Sportbikes have been designed and manufactured to make cornering realistic and today, many experienced bikers can corner on a dime.
  • Due to a tremendously compact and lightweight design, sportbikes are a thrill to ride at any speed. With the bike sturdy and lightweight below you and the scenery flying by around you, the world from the back of a sportbike is truly a sight to behold.

Now, these are just a few of the traits that make sportbikes in Treasure Coast, FL special in their own right—they don’t even begin to encompass the culture, fanaticism or customization that surrounds this special breed of bike. Whether you’re a racer or simply love tinkering with the prowess of a sportbike, these innovations are undeniably cool.

Now, it’s also worth noting that while sport bikes have some of the biggest appeal, they’re not for the faint of heart or for the reckless. With such innovative design and the power, handling and finesse to back it up, there comes a great deal of safety that needs to be considered, which is where most sportbikes get a bad rap. In truth, a sportbike can be as safe or as unsafe as any other bike—it all depends on the person riding it.

Whether you’re for or against sportbikes as being classified in the motorcycle genus, it’s important to realize that these bikes can trace their roots to motorcycles and technological advances alike and today, they stand in their own right as truly beautiful machines.

Top Tips for Watercraft and Boating Safety this Summer

June 15, 2015 | Published by

Boats are hitting the water right now all around the country and for good reason: the days of summer are open wide, full of fishing, frolicking and gliding across the waves! And while you may be eager to push off and spend your days on the water, taking a few moments to review proper watercraft safety is never a bad idea.

A lot of this advice is common sense: always operate the boat at safe speeds, steer clear of large vessels and watercraft that are less responsive, be aware of buoys and other navigational aids, etc. For many of those hitting the water in a Honda in Treasure Coast, FL, a few more safety tips never really hurt:

  • Do your best work on land. Prepare as much of your trip as possible. Make up a pre-departure checklist and stick to it; don’t leave the slip if anything on the list is off the boat. Be aware of weather conditions as well. Better to play it safe and stay on land if the skies darken then head out under questionable conditions and endanger yourself and others in a storm at sea.
  • File a float plan. Make sure that somebody on land knows you’re headed off to sea. Leave as many details of the trip as possible. Let them know where you’re going, what you’re taking and who will be with you. If you don’t have family or friends nearby that you can trust with this info, tell someone at the marina where you launch your journey.
  • Establish the chain of command. Even if you’re the boat’s main owner, there should be at least two people on board who know how to operate your vessel. If you are the only person who knows how to adjust the sails or run the bilge pump, the trip will take a sour turn if you fall ill or become incapacitated.
  • Cut the rum ration. The probability of being in a boat accident double when alcohol is involved. The effects of the sun and wind also hit harder while under the influence. Save the partying for back at the marina or when you’ve reached your destination for the evening.
  • Always be boating. Even when the temperature is below freezing and your ship is away for the season, there are plenty of things to do to prepare for next season. Brush up on your swimming skills with a class. Most states require a boating safety course to own a boat, so why not take a refresher or advanced course. Before the season begins next year, check with your local Coast Guard about getting a free safety inspection for your vessel.

The more tips you use, the more you’ll enjoy your Honda in Treasure Coast, FL. Finding the proper mix of common sense and safety preparedness for your command is important, but the safe return of you and anyone else who boards your vessel is even more so.

Introducing: the Reinvented Kawasaki Jet Ski

June 1, 2015 | Published by

When most people think Jet Skis, they think about the 1980s. Though the first Jet Ski was manufactured in 1982, the watercraft rose into the public consciousness over a decade later. Pastel suits and T-shirts underneath go with Jet Skis like rum and cola. Kawasaki made great products back then, but it’s modernized the Jet Ski with revolutionary technology to give it more power, keep you going faster and put you in control thanks to a variety of digital systems. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a Kawasaki in Treasure Coast, FL, take a moment to see what innovations are available on these modern watercraft.

The future of jet skiing

When looking for a model that redefines what a Jet Ski is, look no further than the 310 series. The 310X offers a great gateway into the world of Jet Ski with modern features at a decent price. The 310SE includes several digital features, including an electronic fuel injection, cruise control and an eco mode that conserves fuel for long distance trips. Riders with a need for speed might want to check out the 310R model featuring racing handlebars that offer better control at higher speeds. Fans of fully loaded vehicles can take the 310LX out for a spin with its stereo system and a waterproof tube featuring a USB port awaiting your favorite chase music.

This series of Kawasaki Jet Skis are powered by a supercharged, intercooled, four-stroke, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline four-cylinder engine. The engine is good enough for a racing motorcycle and there are a few mid-size sedans that are jealous of its power. The engine sets excellent speed on smooth seas and also blasts through choppy waves thanks to a 22.5-degree V-hull. With the power of this engine, you don’t have to let bad weather and big waves get you down—you’ll have fun even while Mother Nature rains on your parade.

Keys to the kingdom

These engines feature two keys: the green key offers the full power of the craft on demand. Experienced riders can get the most performance out of the 310 series with this key and feel the thrill of cutting across the waves at up to 70 miles per hour.

The yellow key activates SLO mode, which tells the on-board computers to cut about 30-percent of the engine’s power. Jet Ski rookies greatly benefit from this mode by not worrying about punching the throttle too hard on accident and winding up on an awesome wipeout compilation on YouTube!

Any one of the Ultra 310 series makes a perfect way to spend the day on the waves. The 310-horsepower of the Ultra 310 series shows just what nearly four decades of design and development can do to push a watercraft into new heights. Whether you’re just learning, looking for a basic cruise, seeking to cut the throttle wide on the open sea, or cruise down the beach looking for the party, there’s a Kawasaki in Treasure Coast, FL that’s just waiting for you.

Are Side-by-Side Utility Vehicles Right for You?

May 15, 2015 | Published by

Side-by-sides are becoming an increasingly popular niche of the utility vehicle community and for good reason: these vehicles are capable of just about anything you might need them for in an all-terrain setting! While we use pickup trucks to carry the burden of heavy loads and ATVs to navigate the ruggedness of the path less taken, side-by-sides marry these two concepts to truly provide a utility vehicle solution that’s exceptionally useful and tremendously easy to use!

But, all of this being said, side-by-sides aren’t the end-all be-all of utility vehicles in treasure Coast, FL. In fact, outside of a practical application, side-by-sides might not be what you’re looking for at all! Take a look at some of the essential questions you should be asking yourself before investing in a side-by-side utility vehicle:

What will I be using this for?

If you’re looking to blaze the trails and feel the wind on your face, you might be better off with an ATV or even a dirt bike. Side-by-sides come with their own share of power capabilities, but they’re traditionally not going to be your best option for scorching trails or powering through the wilderness over an afternoon. Now, if you’re looking to traverse your property, haul a hefty load or transport people and products to a location that’s off the beaten path, side-by-sides are right up your alley!

How much am I looking to spend?

While every class of utility vehicles in treasure Coast, FL is going to have its own spectrum of prices and performance tiers, it’s worth noting that what you’ll pay for side-by-sides is going to be a bit higher than what you’d pay for a comparable ATV. If your budget is limited and the difference between an ATV and a UTV is negligible, it’s important to consider that the cost of the UTV is going to be more—granted, you’re also going to get more out of it in terms of functionality as well.

Who’s going to be using it?

Again, this question is one that can easily boil down to your need for functional capacity. Most ATVs can fit a passenger on them, however UTVs and side-by-sides go above and beyond, sometimes fitting as many as four or six passengers! If you’re going to be toting around a few people when you fire up your engine, UTVs are absolutely going to be what you’re looking for.

What type of terrain will you be traversing?

Terrain is important to consider because, even though ATVs and UTVs are both utility vehicles in Treasure Coast, FL, the types of terrain they’re rated for can vary across make a model. Your ATV might have a higher clearance or better suspension as compared to side-by-sides, whereas your UTV might offer more weight capacity and better handling on inclined surfaces.

Keep in mind these are just several questions to ask yourself when it comes to whether or not you should be investing in side-by-sides over another type of utility vehicle—it all comes down to your unique needs and personal situation.

Deciding on Buying a Preowned Bike in Treasure Coast, FL

May 1, 2015 | Published by

The first step in any decision to buy a bike—from a cruiser to a sport bike and everything in between—is deciding on whether you’ll be buying new or used. For some, this is a question that’s easily answered, but for others, the new versus used debate can rage on even after you’ve decided on the make and model you’re going to be buying.

Really it all boils down to what kind of investment you’re looking to make and how you plan on enjoying that investment once you’ve made it. Take a look at some of the essential factors that go into deciding between new and preowned bikes in Treasure Coast, FL and why these things are so important to take into consideration before you sign any paperwork or hand over any money:

  • Cost: Cost is often a mitigating factor for many people and too many people feel that it’s the only restraining factor that they have to deal with. Look at cost last when you’re looking for a bike and you’ll find that it’s a much more objective variable! For example, you may confine yourself to a range of bikes that you can only afford to buy used, while on the flip side, you might confine yourself to look at bikes you can only afford new. In both scenarios, it pays to look at the bike you want first, then decide if new or preowned is the route to take.
  • Lifestyle: Are you looking for a bike that’s going to get you out on a hot summer day to ride around or are you looking for something that you can take across the country as you ride from one state to the next? Buying used may favor a more recreational approach to riding, while buying new may be a better option for those who intend to put more abuse on their bike—it all comes down to how long you expect your bike to hold up and how far you’re going to be pushing it.
  • Make/model: Are you in love with a certain model bike from a certain year? You might find that over the years the design has changed and the bike is just a little different than you remember it in today’s models! For this reason, preowned bikes might be a better option if you’re thinking about going old-school! On the flip side, if you’re in love with a newer model and plan on proudly riding it for years and years to come, buying new might not be a bad idea.

So many other factors also go into the decision to buy new or preowned bikes in Treasure Coast, FL—it comes down to how these factors fit within your attainable scope that might push you in one direction or another. Buying a used bike with the right amount of miles, for the right price and in the right condition might be a dream come true for you, while settling on a brand new bike you’re going to love for years and years might be attainable for some. Either way, take stock of all of the variables before you write off preowned bikes in treasure Coast, FL or relegate yourself to only used models.

ABS vs. Non-ABS: Which is a Better Option for Your Cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL

April 15, 2015 | Published by

These days it’s pretty much impossible to buy a vehicle without ABS standard and it’s a feature that’s widely praised for its ability to assist people in less-than-stellar road conditions. We can thank ABS for helping us in some of our most harrowing moments, that’s for sure. But, if you’re in the market for a bike, this feature isn’t always so readily available! In fact, you’re liable to find a pretty great divide in the world of cruisers: those companies that embrace ABS and those who are against incorporating it into their vehicles.

What’s good for four wheels must be good for two, right? Well, for some people that’s the logic, but for others, the burden of ABS on a bike isn’t something they want to deal with. What are we talking about? Take a look at a debate that’s long raged on about ABS as it applies to cruisers in Treasure Coast, FL:


Let’s start with the camp that’s against ABS on a bike. Generally, the most common argument is that it’s not necessary—“a skilled rider can actually stop faster if they don’t have ABS on their bike!” It’s an argument that we’ve heard many times before and it’s often coupled with another argument that goes a little something like this: “if a bike has ABS, a new rider will never learn how to brake properly because they’ll rely on ABS to do it for them.”

Another major concern of people against ABS is that the addition of ABS on a cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL inhibits the rider’s ability to control their bike if they’re riding for sport. Because riding for sport can mean frequent braking or quick brakes into high acceleration, there’s a concern that ABS will inhibit the function of the bike to cope with such rigid handling conditions—especially those that involve “stuttered braking.” Long story short, for these folks, ABS equals no fun.


ABS saves lives—it’s true for cars, trucks and SUVs, and it’s also true for motorcycles. In the event of a sudden stop, it’s a person’s natural instinct to brake as quickly and as hard as they can, which on a bike almost absolutely means locked wheels. ABS prevents this from happening and allows control in those vital moments before the worse happens, effectively saving lives.

Being able to stop in shorter distances from higher speeds is another direct result of ABS implementation and it’s something that can actually benefit some sport riders. In fact, modern ABS only kicks in during an emergency situation, which is very much differentiated from sport riding tendencies, which means modern ABS has no adverse bearing on riders of all types.

So who’s right in the ABS versus anti-ABS debate? Depending on who you talk to, you might get a different answer! We like to lean towards the pro-ABS side, simply because the many benefits of this life-saving system far outweigh the small drawbacks, if there even are any. At the end of the day, it’s all about riding safely and there’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve got ABS to help you out in the event of an unforeseen stop.

Check Out Why the Kawasaki VULCAN Bike is one of the Hottest New Bikes in Treasure Coast, FL

April 1, 2015 | Published by

It’s customizable, it’s affordable, it’s powerful and it’s just about the hottest thing on two wheels right now. That’s right, we’re talking about the new 2015 Kawasaki VULCAN S! This bike is making ways in the cruiser community for more than just it’s good looks and great price: this bike is the real deal and it could just be what you’re saddling up come summer.

Not buying the hype? No problem—we’ve heard it year after year too and we’re always skeptical of what the “newest and best” thing is. But, that being said, the 2015 Kawasaki VULCAN S has quickly made believers out of us! It has all of the qualities we’re looking for in a bike to back up its hoopla and fanfare, and there’s no denying that it’s truly one of the best bikes in Treasure Coast, FL that we’ve seen in quite some time. Take a look at what we love about it:

The specs

Powerful, elegant and a true-to-life feat of modern motorcycle engineering, the 2015 Kawasaki VULCAN S gives you everything you want in a bike, including:

  • A four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, eight valves per cylinder, parallel twin engine. This engine comes in at 649cc, giving you some serious kick, and is difficult to stall thanks to its low to mid range torque.
  • A six-speed transmission with positive neutral finder. Getting up to speed on this bike is smooth sailing.
  • With a curb weight that rings in around 498lbs, give or take a couple of ounces, this bike is light enough to be a speedster and durable enough to keep you comfortable while you’re throttling down.

For the full specs on this bike, don’t hesitate to visit our website. We’re just breaking down some of the finer points of this bike—there’s so much more to get excited about than what’s listed above!

The looks

Anyone who says looks aren’t important in a bike has never had the pleasure of seeing the 2015 Kawasaki VULCAN S up close and personal. This bike is truly a stunning piece of engineering that comes together in a way that will make your mouth water just looking at it. In your choice of candy lime green, pearl crystal white and matte black colors, this bike emanates authority and does so without looking to over the top. Complete with matte black exterior components, candy lime green accented rims and chromed accents, this bike truly is a beauty.

The handling

Being able to feel confident and in control at all times is an important facet of owning a bike and unfortunately, not all bikes in Treasure Coast, FL put a priority on ergonomics. This is where the 2015 Kawasaki VULCAN S really outshines the competition. With adjustable ergonomic grips, stability control and customizable seat positioning, you’ll feel like you were meant to sit atop your bike and handling it will be just like an extension of your self.

If you need any more reasons to see why the 2015 Kawasaki VULCAN S is the most talked about new bike on the block, come on into Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki today and take a look at your future bike!