How to Stay Safe on Your Dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL

March 15, 2016 | Published by

The roar of the engine. Kicking up dust. Going airborne. Riding a dirt bike can be thrilling. However, without the proper safety precautions, it can also be dangerous. When you ride your dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL, use the following precautions to ensure a safe, fun time:

  • Learn proper safety techniques: Take a motorcycle and dirt bike safety course to ensure you learn everything you need to know before riding. General maintenance and proper handling are essential skills to have before your first cruise. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles or your Parks and Recreation Department for available courses.
  • Be Goldilocks: Make sure your bike size is just right for you. If it is too big or too small, the bike will be hard to steer and brake. Ensure you can reach all the controls comfortably. Your dirtbike dealer can help you select a bike that fits your frame.
  • Read the manual: Before riding it for the first time, read your dirtbike owner’s manual. It may not be the most exciting book you’ve ever read, but it might be one of the most important. You want to have an in-depth understanding of the bike before racing away on it. A cover-to-cover read of the manual will give you the knowledge you need.
  • Inspect it: Perform an overall inspection before riding your bike each time. Test your brakes. Check tire pressures for appropriate levels. Test all controls to ensure proper functioning. If anything is not working correctly, don’t risk it. Take the bike for repairs before you take it for a spin. It’s worth the wait for a good safe ride.
  • Wear a helmet: It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. Falls happen. It is of utmost important to protect your head and, in turn, your brain. It’s worth messing up your hair. Always wear a helmet. When choosing one, select a helmet with the U.S. Department of Transportation approved label.
  • Dress appropriately: Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing. This could easily get caught on the bike and interfere with operation. Ensure your clothes provide full-body protection. Your outfit should consist of long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, gloves and close-toed shoes. Add knee, shoulder and chest pads, as well as a pair of goggles.
  • Stay off the road: Dirtbikes are meant to be ridden on dirt. You may have to occasionally cross a road to access the next trail, but try to avoid riding on the road. Dirt bikes are not equipped with the proper lighting and safety features for street or highway driving.
  • Choose safe riding conditions: Riders are often tempted to drive in unsafe conditions. A steep hill can look thrilling. Muddy trails may seem ruggedly fun. However, you must put safety first. Don’t ride in terrain beyond your ability or in slippery conditions like mud, snow or ice.

Ready to ride?

These simple safety tips can help you avoid injury to yourself and others. If you have this check-list down and are prepared to ride, stop in Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki to find your perfect dirtbike in Treasure Coast, FL.