Five Fun Facts About Go Carts in Treasure Coast, FL

May 15, 2016 | Published by

Whether it’s a personal hobby or you’re looking for an exciting activity to do with your family, consider indoor or outdoor go carting. Just think of the smile-worthy memories you will acquire! Here are five fun facts about go carts in Treasure Coast, FL:

  • All ages can enjoy go carting: Even if you’ve never driven one, everyone knows what a go cart looks like. Smaller than a side-by-side utility vehicle but with the power of a tiny car, go carts are raced both indoors and outdoors as a fun recreational sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Think about the last time you were at the amusement park—there probably weren’t just kids on the go carts. In fact, go carting is a family-friendly activity—one that could have you purchasing your own motorized carts to take to the track on weekends.
  • Driving a go cart is safe and easy: Generally speaking, operating a go cart is simple, since all you need to remember is how to control the brake, the gas and the steering. No clutch or gear shifting necessary! Go carting does not require a driver’s license—in most cases, they are not street legal, anyway—which is why many parents opt to get their children practice behind the wheel at an early age. As for safety, tracks are likely to require helmets, and some carts come equipped with proper seat belts and bumpers.
  • The first go cart was built by Art Ingels: History was made in 1956 when Art Ingels, a race car builder at the time, pieced together the first go cart in his home’s garage in California. He constructed the cart out of scrap metal and a two-stroke engine. Curious folks could not wait to give this new toy, the go cart, a spin around the track.
  • Even professional racers drove carts: Everybody’s got to start somewhere! For some, it’s playing an instrument in the school band that leads to a spot in a well-known orchestra, while others become auto mechanics after years of working on their own vehicles. For kids with a childhood fascination with go carting, their future could be professional race car driving. Take Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, for example. They all started driving go carts on the track as young children, where they learned not only love for the sport, but also how to safely handle a motorized vehicle and master basic steering techniques.
  • Electric carts gave birth to indoor go carting: Early on, go carts were only gas powered, which made indoor go carting quite the thing. Between the massive amounts of exhaust and chemical laden fumes, carting indoors was simply not going to work. It was miserable and unhealthy for drivers and spectators alike to breathe the indoor air. Then along came the electric go cart, and indoor racing became popular once again, not to mention that go carting year-round was now possible.

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