Questions to Ask When Purchasing Preowned ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL

March 1, 2016 | Published by

You’re finally going to get the ATV you have always wanted. Your dreams of roaming the countryside are about to come true. Are you ready to start shopping? First, arm yourself with the right questions. The following queries will ensure you have all the information you need as you shop for ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL. When shopping, ask yourself, or the dealership the following:

Does the ATV make a good first impression?

Looks can be deceiving, but a well-cared for machine will likely have a good overall appearance. If the ATV doesn’t look well-maintained, it probably isn’t. If it does have a clean, sharp look, inspect it closely for any hidden damage. To ensure you don’t miss anything, ask the next question.

Has the frame been damaged?

The nature of the sport makes crashes fairly common. Be sure to check out the ATV on a level surface. Look to see if it is crooked or leans to one side. Inspect the paint for cracks. Check for rust in the welds and look underneath for damage. A thorough inspection of the exterior should give you an idea of any antics the machine was put through in the past. Keep in mind that a damaged frame can create a poor riding experience.

Is the engine oil dirty?

If ATV’s oil isn’t changed as often as it should be, it loses its lubricant properties. It no longer keeps parts from coming into contact with one another. This results in worn metal and damaged parts. Check the oil to see what kind of condition the ATV is in. Dirty engine oil can be a red flag that proper maintenance has not been done, and the parts could be worn.

Is the coolant clean?

Check the coolant. It should be orange or green. If it has an oily look or contains particles, this is a sign of mechanical problems with the ATV. If the coolant level is low, this can indicate the engine has not been kept as cool as it should and could be damaged.

What are the conditions of the tires?

Inspect the tires for wear. If they need to be replaced, factor this in with the price. Whatever you pay for the ATV, you will need to add the expense of new tires shortly after. This can be costly, so a thorough tire inspection is important as you consider your budget and the price for your new ATV.

Are noises coming from the driveline?

If you hear crunching or grinding in the driveline, you should be concerned. Be sure to inspect the bearings of the CV joint. Check the boots on each axle. ATV axles often take a beating out on the trails, so be sure to perform a thorough inspection of all parts involved.


Am I ready to purchase my dream ATV?

If the answer to this last one is yes, Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki offers a great selection of ATVs in Treasure Coast, FL. Stop in today and our experienced staff will be available to answer all your ATV questions and get you on the trails tomorrow.