Five Ways a Cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL May Suit You Better

February 15, 2016 | Published by

Many customers visit our showroom looking for a flashy sportbike. Once we have a chance to discuss the various options, as well as their expectations when traveling, it is not uncommon to discover that a cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL may be a better match for them. These classic models offer a comfortable ride that is often more appropriate to the needs of many bikers. Here are circumstances that can make a cruiser a better choice:

  • Road trips: If the open road calls to you and makes the 500-mile ride a tempting expression of freedom, a sportbike will make you miserable. They are not made for long rides, but they can be a thrill around town or on the track. The cruiser loves long road trips as much as you do, however, and will offer you much better comfort and handling on the highway. Do not turn that adventure into suffering when that is unnecessary. Enjoy the better leg and back support that is only available on a cruiser.
  • Cargo: Another option that cruisers offer for road trips is room for cargo. Much like a backpack on wheels, it is easier to bring an extra change of clothes, your hiking boots or even a fishing pole on your cruiser than on a weight-sensitive sportbike. With a large box available for cargo on each side, you will be ready for your motorcycle vacation. You can even add accessories like a bicycle rack to your cruiser, so you can enjoy a variety of recreational options while you are exploring the country.
  • Off-road options: Your sportbike likes pavement, but the cruiser can handle a variety of terrains. If part of your trip involves a dirt or gravel road, that will be much more pleasant if you are driving a cruiser. You will not have to worry your suspension taking a beating or experiencing the kind of jarring ride that can turn you off to motorcycles for life. Cruisers also run well along the beach, which makes them a welcome addition to seaside adventures. When you think your trip will contain elements of the unexpected or opportunities outside paved roads, come prepared with a cruiser.
  • Weather: Not only can the cruiser handle adverse terrain, but weather conditions are also better tolerated. A heavy rainstorm and sudden mud accumulation can wreak havoc on a sportbike, but a cruiser can handle such conditions seamlessly. That expands your travel options further because you do not have to worry about interesting weather stopping your trip cold.
  • Less frequent fill-ups: Cruisers have larger fuel tanks than sportbikes. Being in the countryside with a nearly empty fuel tank can become a disaster with a sportbike if there are no fuel stops in sight. Despite being larger, cruisers have comparable gas mileage, so once you fill up at the station, your fuel supply will last. If you are carrying cargo, expect that efficiency to drop a little but still be better than with a car.

Check out a top-of-the-line cruiser in Treasure Coast, FL by exploring the various models in stock at Treasure Coast Honda Kawasaki. With our diverse inventory, you will find the motorcycle that fits your needs and budget.